Key Features That Drive Success for Health and Wellness eCommerce Stores

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4 min readJul 6, 2023


According to a survey conducted by McKinsey, which involved approximately 7,500 consumers across six countries, an astounding 79% of respondents expressed the significance of wellness in their lives.

Furthermore, an impressive 42% considered wellness to be their utmost priority. As more individuals prioritize their well-being and seek convenient ways to access health-related products, establishing an online presence is a must for businesses in this niche.

To capture the attention of health-conscious consumers and stay ahead in the game, incorporating the right features into your eCommerce platform is crucial. In this article, we will explore the top 17 features that drive success for health and wellness eCommerce stores.

1. Scalable Online Store:

A scalable online store allows for easy expansion of product offerings, handling increased traffic, and accommodating future growth. Opting for a scalable eCommerce platform, such as BigCommerce, Adobe Commerce, Shopify/Shopify Plus, WooCommerce, or Squarespace, ensures your website can handle high volumes of visitors and transactions without performance issues.

2. Mobile Shopping:

With a projected volume of $620.97 billion in mCommerce transactions by 2024, providing a seamless mobile shopping experience is essential. Consider developing a dedicated mobile app or incorporating Progressive Web App (PWA) functionality to optimize accessibility on smartphones and tablets.

3. Customer Reviews and Ratings:

Positive customer reviews and high ratings act as powerful social proof, building trust and credibility for your health and wellness products. Incorporating customer review and rating features helps potential customers make informed decisions and influences purchase behavior.

4. Subscribe and Save:

Offering subscribe and save option allows customers to set up recurring orders for their favorite health and wellness products. This feature fosters customer loyalty, increases customer lifetime value, and provides a convenient shopping experience for regular consumers.

5. Nutrition/Supplement Facts:

Providing detailed nutrition and supplement facts for your products helps customers make informed decisions about their health. Transparent and accurate information demonstrates your commitment to quality and addresses potential allergens or dietary restrictions.

6. Dosage Information:

Health and wellness products often come with specific dosage recommendations. Clear dosage information ensures customers understand how to properly use your products for optimal results, minimizing potential health risks.

7. Consultancy Appointments:

Offering consultancy appointments through your online store allows customers to seek expert advice or personalized recommendations. This feature is particularly beneficial for health and wellness eCommerce stores selling products requiring professional guidance, such as supplements, skincare, or fitness equipment.

8. B2B Bulk Orders:

Catering to both B2C and B2B audiences expands your customer base. B2B bulk ordering functionality simplifies the ordering process for businesses or healthcare practitioners requiring larger quantities of health and wellness products.

9. Smart Global Search:

Implementing a smart global search feature enables customers to quickly find specific health and wellness products. Predictive suggestions, filters, and relevant product recommendations enhance the user experience and increase conversion rates.

10. Usage Guide:

Offering a usage guide for your health and wellness products provides valuable instructions, tips, and best practices for customers. It helps customers effectively incorporate your products into their routines, leading to better satisfaction and results.

11. FAQs:

An FAQ section addresses common customer queries and concerns, reducing support requests, improving satisfaction, and ensuring a smooth purchasing process.

12. Quantity Discounts:

Providing quantity discounts incentivizes customers to purchase larger quantities of health and wellness products. This strategy boosts sales, encourages bulk orders, and attracts price-conscious customers seeking cost savings.

13. Easy Pay:

Multiple payment gateways, one-click checkout, and digital wallets simplify the payment process, reducing friction during checkout and improving conversion rates.

14. Live Customer Support:

Real-time customer support assists with queries or concerns, building trust and ensuring a positive shopping experience that fosters customer loyalty.

15. Offline Store Locator:

If you have physical retail locations, an offline store locator feature helps customers find nearby stores to explore or purchase products in person, bridging the gap between online and offline experiences.

16. Omnichannel Retail:

Implementing omnichannel eCommerce functionality provides a seamless and consistent shopping experience across multiple channels. Synchronizing physical stores, websites, mobile applications, and social media platforms creates a unified shopping journey for customers.

17. Logistics and Warehouse Integration:

Integrating your online store with logistics and warehouse systems streamlines order fulfillment, inventory management, and shipping processes. This integration ensures timely delivery, reduces errors, and enhances operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.


To thrive in the health and wellness eCommerce industry, incorporating these 17 features into your online store is crucial. A scalable online store, mobile shopping capabilities, customer reviews and ratings, and other key features discussed in this article enhance the user experience, build trust, and cater to the specific needs of health-conscious customers. By leveraging these powerful features, you can drive success for your health and wellness eCommerce store and capture the attention of your target audience.



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